Passport Publishing公司代表著國際性的曲目及創作人。在過去十多年間,將製作及出版的藝術結合起來,創出新意念。Passport Publishing是間與別不同的公司,與創作人以單對單的形式合作,並以製作為本,這些音樂人現已成為獨當一面的創作人、編曲人及監製,為樂壇培育出新一浪的音樂創作人才。曾與Passport Publishing合作的音樂人多不勝數,包括 CY Kong、陳輝陽、 辛偉力、 Toshi Matsumoto (Misia)、鄧建明、張亞東等,那無不是Passport Publishing成功的印記。

現階段Passport Publishing 下的創作人如下:Christopher Chak 、Vincent Chow、KOLOR 、 Ben Chung (lyricist)  等等  。

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Passport Publishing represents songwriters worldwide. This young, progressive company with its first hand knowledge in the music and recording industry along with a long-term vision in signing local talents developed today’s established songwriters/producers. The company defined the meaning of an independent mini-major company the pioneer in developing songwriters into producers in their own right, therefore, creating a new wave of creativity. The accomplished songwriters were CY Kong, Chan Fai Yeung, San Wai Lik, Toshi Matsumoto (wrote monster hits for Japanese superstar Misia), Joey Tang, Zhang Ya Tung (China).



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