That was the simple greeting used to begin a lasting conversation. How that all changed in the digital world.
Today we ‘speak’ the informal language of the internet. We communicate by online and sms using shorthand texting, email, instant messaging, and by textual expression known as emoticons.

The music are arranged by the introduction in the 80s the wonderful MIDI.  This widely accepted standard tool changed the way musicians create music with unlimited possiblities but may have limited their personal style as oppose to playing a real guitar that gives them their individuality of that ‘unconventional’ sound. The same with Auto-Tune the audio processor program a great tool if used creatively particularly to correct vocal pitch, however, when overused every song back to back with perfect pitch may be difficult to differentiate from one another. What about  the rawness of the vocal the essence of emotions captured and conveyed?

It is easy to recognize the music from different eras but not since the last two decades.

'The moment in emotion than correction in perfection’- Legendary producer and engineer Tom Dowd
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